California Institute of Technology (Caltech); CealTech AS ( — CealTech, a Norwegian-based company, announced today that it has already entered a global, strategic collaboration agreement with Caltech focused on the research and development of graphene utilizing Caltech’s patented graphene production technique (issued US patent 9,150,418).

The Collaboration and License Agreement was made effective as of the 15th day of June, 2016 and grants CealTech exclusive rights for use of the patented technique into its own graphene production unit, FORZATM (patent pending), which is set to produce graphene at large scale and competitive price, with effective yields and a purity sufficient so as not to impair graphene’s desired chemical properties.

For more information about Caltech’s unique production technique, please refer to Episode 1, Clip 4 of BBC Horizons (Copyright © 2017 BBC):