Researchers at Rice University have shown that graphene mixed with vanadium oxide in an industrially scalable process leads to cost-efficient superb-performance cathodes. The batteries made with such cathodes recharge in 20 seconds and retain more than 90% of their capacity even after 1000 cycles of use.

With such development, we might soon see ultrathin flexible batteries which charge in less than a minute and could be integrated into clothes, paper, car dashboards or just about anywhere you want them.

CealTech has been investigating the current challenges posed to the battery technology. An internal project aimed at understanding the fundamentals behind battery cell performance, is already underway, and the results of which will feed into bringing to the market a revolutionary Li-based battery technology.

To overcome the issues with current Li-ion battery technology, the electrode material in CealTech’s own battery is engineered to have the optimal nano/micro structure that enhances ionic and electrical conductivity, while the electrolyte is modified to be more resistant to passivation.

Accordingly, CealTech’s battery, with its advanced anode and cathode materials and electrolyte, is set to iron out all the current bugs of Li-ion batteries. At the current stage of the project, CealTech is optimizing the nano/micro structure of the electrode materials and the electrolyte additives, all of which will enable the further development and production of a safer and more cost-effective battery with outstanding specific energy, quicker charge/discharge rate, and superior cyclic stability.