Graphene Functionalization

The example above shows how functionalization prevented agglomeration after mixing, and ensured high compatibility of functionalized graphene in the mixture.…

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End-User Applications

By enabling high quality graphene at industrial scale, a wealth of applications is finally possible. These include, to name but…

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CealTech`s Mission

Since its inception in 2012, CealTech has sought to be an industry leader of high quality graphene at industrial scale,,…

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The Graphene Paradigm

To recap, Graphene has extraordinary material properties including an ultimate tensile strength of 130 gigapascal, an electron mobility of 15,000…

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Micromotors made easy

Researchers of the ICN2 Nanobioelectronics and Biosensors Group led by Prof. Arben Merkoçi have devised a simple manufacturing method for…

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Graphene Photodetectors

Graphene photodetectors from Emberion Oy convert light to an electronic signal using graphene charge transducers combined with a nanocrystal light…

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